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I and I is one of the creative projects of multi-instrumentalist, artist, designer, Alchemist Records co-founder and gardener Adam Sarmiento. His latest release "The Alpha Future" heralds the coming of the future in distorted Space Disco anthems, post everything coping strategies and songs to get by on..

Following stints as drummer and writer with the New Tribe, the Pistol Arrows, and the Candles, Adam invested in some recording gear and set about experimenting with sounds and styles, eventually resurfacing with his debut record, "We Are," in hand. Preston Jones of OK Gazette called the debut "an exceptional and essential disc". The album showcased much of what has followed with I and I, rhythm and synth based songs topped by strong vocals. It also displayed I and I's ability to transcend genres and forge a singular and unique sound. In 2007 I and I released a follow up EP that was largely instrumental, ambient and cinematic, aptly titled "Music Computer Film". After a two year absence from releases I and I emerged with it's most powerful album yet "White Noise/Black Music". Building on similar ground as the debut but containing a whole new architecture "WN/BM" was warmly received by critics and brought I and I to new audiences around the world, both on stage and on record.

I and I has numerous releases planned for 2011 and beyond and continues to perform live. Visit

  whitenoiseremixcoverthumb weirdanimals100px
The Hardest Part Black Noise/White Music Weird Animals
  whitenoisefrontsmall wearecoverthumb
White Noise/Black Music Music Computer Film We Are