We’ve added a shopping cart to each release page using the great service of Mal’s ecommerce. The final payment process will go through Paypal. Just click the buy link and follow the prompts. There’s shipping to most countries. If you have a preference for the color or other variations on the items you want just add a note or send us an email. If you’d like to pay by check or cash let us know and we’ll get it sorted.
All of our physical artifacts (cds, cassettes etc.) will give you enhanced audio quality (over the compressed mp3 files for download), as well as the artwork and package design which completes the statement of the music and provides a tangible totem for deeper pleasure. Ask your local record store to carry Alchemist releases and who knows, they just might do it.

If you experience any ordering trouble or have any ordering questions feel free to contact one of our real human beings at:

info (at) alchemistrecords (dot) com

Direct any distribution inquiries to the above address.