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New Free One In A Googolplex EP

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Only a few months have passed since we released One In A Googolplex’s excellent LP Win Win and now the ever prolific Sebastian Zimmer (with full band on board) have a new free 4 track EP Last A Lightyear. The first thing that strikes you here is the fullness of the new fleshed out band’s sound. Gone are the rustic intimate synth folk sounds of OIAG past and in their place, a more rock oriented array of drums, bass and guitar greets your ears. It’s a cool new side to the bands sound and it’s kind of a logical progression of Sebastian’s song writing as it moves into full blown pop mode (ie “Lilly“). Fans of OIAG’s cosmic, positive and twee lyrics and the unique timbre of Sebastian’s voice will be glad to find those still intact here. Download lead track “Last A Lightyear” here and DL the whole thing free at OIAG’s bandcamp.

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ä moment

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

some moments in the land of Ä’s. I still move on waves.. can’t seem to put my feet on the ground yet..
time certainly was standing still. the possibility of going just about anywhere or not going anywhere at all.



Wednesday, May 4th, 2011



Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Here’s one more Illus Ocean track before Tuesday’s release.  This one you won’t find on any blogs (not yet at least) and it’s called “Eternal”.  In the album liner notes Illus Ocean himself had this to say about the track: “inspired by a robert heinlein story called ” all you zombies” it’s about a time loop where a transgender impregnates it’s self and then the child is also a hermaphrodite who grows up as a woman and then gets pregnant by a stranger and the whole thing just keeps looping. or something like that.” All that in under a minute and a half.

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Ground Zero

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Some tracks from Illus Ocean’s debut are starting to trickle out on the Interwebs so we thought we’d put them up here.  The first is the plaintive and soulful “Ground Zero” which showcases Ocean’s ability to craft something quite singular and fresh while nodding to the past.

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Weird Animals limited edition CD out now

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

The limited numbered edition of I and I’s new EP “Weird Animals” is out now!  You can order a copy from I and I’s store here.  As a free preview we’re offering the title track “Weird Animal” here for you:

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download here



Thursday, October 15th, 2009






Strange Power

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Music can have interesting synesthetic qualities.  Certain songs can seem to reflect and even shape your experiences and the world around you.  The way we feel, the thoughts we have and the events that happen can all have interesting relationships with the songs that seem to be fitting accompaniments.  A song you hear today you may love but tomorrow may not be that intriguing or appropriate for your mood.  Sometimes you can’t stop wanting to hear a song because it fits so well with the season and the mood you’re in.  Two such songs that I’ve been really hooked on lately have been Eric’s forthcoming single “Strange Power/So She Says”.   Something about these two songs seems to codify the falling leaves, cool breezes and confusing changes that Autumn always brings with it.  They speak of relationships and strange powers that affect us in ways we can’t explain and can’t ignore.  They convey a mood, much like Autumn, which is invigorating like the first cold winds that blow but that has an element of sadness and the poignant fleeting nature of life.

In a way, this new single evokes a similar feeling and kinship with one of my favorite records (and one that was influential in getting me back into music after a hiatus) The Pistol Arrows ‘Look’.  That being said these new songs are definitely fresh and new and unlike anything that Eric has previously recorded.  I guess it would be appropriate to call this single a true double A sided single.  Neither song is a B side or lesser accomplishment.  ‘Strange Power’ the lead off, starts off with ominous piano and drums not unlike the children’s  song ‘Halloween’s Coming’ and from there it maintains this thumping pensive groove under lyrics of the Strange Power of attraction.  There is a full sparseness here that feels like nothing extraneous is present and all the parts are working synergistically together.  The song does away with the traditional A, B type structure as it enters an upbeat outro section that nicely segues into the feeling of the second song.  The outro lyrics evoke the poignant feeling I mentioned earlier and there is a sense of resolve about the fact that many things in life are never resolved.  ‘So She Says’ starts off with a mysterious upbeat modern New Wave type vibe and progresses along that line interweaving synths, drums, guitars and vocals in ways not often heard this side of something great like Modern English’s ‘Melt With You’.  “It’s too dark in this house” nicely encapsulates the sentiment of a lot of the lyrics which explore parting and relationships and the “houses” where such things take place.

In short, this has been an attempt to describe how much I love these songs and to preview what you will soon be hearing when they are released early next month.  We have a lot of other good releases on the way which we’ll be mentioning in future postings.  I will soon be heading over to Norway to play some I and I shows.  You can read more details on that on my site and I hope to post some stuff here and there on the trip.  For now I’ll leave you with the cover of Eric’s new single below.  Appropriately it’s a photo of Eric’s friend trying to catch the setting sun.


New releases from I and I and Eric Sarmiento; Alchemist releases to be distributed world wide online

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

The coming weeks will see several big developments for the Alchemist collective. We’re very excited to announce that the finishing touches are now being placed on White Noise/Black Music, the upcoming record from I and I. After his foray into (mostly) instrumental music on I and I’s 2007 EP Music Computer Film, the new record finds Adam Sarmiento putting his expressive and versatile voice to work once again, exploring topics ranging from socioeconomy to cyborgs, from the attractiveness of difference to the challenges and rewards of relationships of all kinds. At the moment, an exact release date is not yet firm, but we can say that the album should be available this spring. We’ll keep you posted on the details as they become clear.
Another new release is on the near horizon as well, an e-single from Eric Sarmiento. Based on the concept of 45 rpm singles of old, with their “a/b sides”, this internet-only release will consist of two new songs – “Alejandra Told Me” and “Hypnosis” – both of which are to be accompanied by videos. Again, we’ll let you know about the exact release date soon.
Finally, we’re embarking on a new project, with French company Believe, to distribute world wide some Alchemist releases to online music retail sites like iTunes, eMusic, Napster, etc. This is an exciting development, as it means that our material will be available and promoted on a wide range of websites. We will continue to offer all new releases for free listening here on this site, as well as some tracks as free downloads. If all goes smoothly, the forthcoming new recordings will be the first to be released to wider internet distribution. It should be an interesting experiment in our ongoing search for an alternative model of music-making and dissemination, one based on the direct relationship between artist and listener.

mcf case pic1

Australian Expat in Tokyo Overwhelmed by Obama Victory

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Spiritually American as much as anything else, nurtured by re-runs of the Brady Brunch after school, taken over by countless musical and cinematic obsessions emanating from those shores, my lack of citizenship of that country exists only in the physical realm – in the realm of the senses, my American passport feels as valid to me as the Australian passport which I can actually hold in my hand.
Somewhat paradoxically, this explains my not having actually set one of my bodily feet on United States soil as yet.
The need was not as keenly felt. The challenges artistic, linguistic and practical that awaited in climes as diverse as Kenya, Tunisia, Italy, France and Japan beckoned with a little more intensity, because of the very fact that they didn’t pulsate with the warm familiarity I had grown up with. They cried out to me with their differentness, while America smelled comfortingly like home, almost to the extent that it seemed like a place it was time venture out into the world from, with the result that it suddenly feels implausibly weird not to have been there. A pilgrimage, a homecoming to the inspirational places that were instrumental in my emotional development is well and truly overdue.
More so than ever after the history made on November 04, 2008.
The cultural cringe I sensed around me growing up in Australia and the voices that proclaimed indignation at the sense of being culturally colonised/colonized by American culture were not things I really bought into, even when I started to feel somewhat torn between my Britishness and my Americanness.
At this point, being dislocated from the land of my upbringing and living in a land where the predominant language is not my native one has done much to heighten that Americanness residing within.
The country’s global centrality in multiple domains, both measurable and otherwise is striking, unavoidable. It is the Emerald City to the world’s Oz, from its blockbusterness and dazzling shine all the way down to its shortcomings and tricks with mirrors.
Although not technically a citizen of these United States, I dream of united states to which we can all belong.
And we all took a major step forward on November 04. Humanity, though some of it needed/needs to be dragged kicking and screaming in the direction of tangible, meaningful civilization/civilization did move forward on that day. Neil Armstrong’s “giant leap” was miniscule by comparison.
Truly, I didn’t feel it in my bones that we’d see it in my lifetime, though I dared to dream.
I felt a buzz of hope rekindled for humanity. I could sleep that night for the first time in years soundly, finally given a smidgeon of evidence that evil does not always ultimately win through.
The guy is president! And a heartfelt hallelujah to that! Whatever your religious persuasion, or lack thereof.
The guy we needed, waited for.
He is a human and he is a politician. This leaves lots of room for perfection to be wanting on both counts. But just as the face of evil is being increasingly recognized/recognized as banal, charming, even well-meaning, given that its basis is more often maladjustedness and misguidedness than malevolence, equally can it be said that forces of true righteousness in a mundane reality are seldom angelic or flawless.
Anyway these are quibbles of the intellect. I’m still in the realm of the heart at this point.
Watching and re-watching the acceptance speech and the reactions from Americans and non-Americans worldwide, I was overpowered, unabashedly tearful each time, by an emotion I almost dared not acknowledge, in fear that this might all be a waking dream. I can’t remember a comparable event in my lifetime where the absolute “goodness” of what had happened was this powerful, clear and decisive.
The demons are already emerging, rising stubbornly through the misty, rosy euphoria, but I’m not ready to credit them. I will have to face again the reality of the imperfection of this world, even the imperfections of this man, but refuse to do so just yet.
I need to bathe in the warmth of this promise, rekindled after so long, that the potential is actually there for good to come to the world.
Thank you America. See you soon.

-Jeremy Cox, Tokyo, Japan 11/25/08