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more alchemists on more stages in 2010!

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

I and I Norway 09

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Well, the I and I Norway 09 tour has come to an end and I must say that all in all it was an amazing adventure!  The shows went pretty well and for the most part Norwegians are very attentive listeners and appreciators of music.  The shows in Kristiansand and Bergen were particularly good due to the nice community feeling made by the promoter, venue and audience.
Through the process it occurred to me that a good show is sort of an alchemical process.  You need all of the right ingredients to come together in a particular space and time for it to be something really memorable.  It requires a part on the audience of moving beyond their normal ways of receiving information/communicating and opening up to a transmission from the performer.  It also requires the performer to read the room and try to grab the attention of it. If there is too many people of a certain kind or too few it won’t work.  The weather, the seasons, and even the health of the participants can all be crucial to creating the special mood necessary for a good time.  It’s especially important for all of the pieces to be in the right place if some or most of the audience has never heard the music before (as was somewhat the case with this tour).  I guess it makes it all the more special when everyone does connect and something magical happens.  As musicians and artists we spend much of our time chasing that next fleeting moment of the unexpected and exhilarating.  When your traveling I suppose you become more aware of how much of life is an alchemical process.  From eating, sleeping, relationships, creativity, on up to governance and cooperation there are intricate balances of ingredients that need to be transmuted into something else to achieve the balance that makes it all go round.
Here are some photos from the trip (make sure to click the full screen option for best effect) and good luck with the alchemy in your life.

– Adam/I and I 10/09