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White Noise/Black Music remixes EP out 4/13

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of an EP of remixes from I and I’s “White Noise/Black Music”.  It will be appropriately called “Black Noise/White Music” and four artists have contributed remixes.  Czech native Dikolson (formerly of Khoiba) produced a hard driving version of “Venus” that ascends like a spiral staircase to the sky.  LA producer Questions has turned out a really thumpin version of “The Top” that’s somewhere in between House and Hip Hop.  Fellow Alchemist, Eric Sarmiento deconstructed “The Bottom” and reassembled it into something new and Chase Spivey (of Psychedelic band Ghost of Monkshood) has turned “The Futurist” into a laid back minimal chill groove.  Look for some samples soon and here’s the cover: