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Unser Ding gets googolplexed

Monday, May 17th, 2010

German youth radio station “Unser Ding 103.7” has invited One in a Googolplex mastermind Sebastian to be their guest for one hour. He will answer questions about his music and they’ll play some of his songs. The broadcast starts on Sunday, 23rd May – 16:45 UTC (12:45 EDT / 18:45 German DST).
Even if you don’t understand a word of German, you’ll get the opportunity to listen to some new OIAG tunes from the forthcoming LP (more on that soon). So make sure to tune in to Unser Ding (which means ‘our thing’ btw) on the 23rd of May by clicking on one of the links below.
Direct stream links:
(MPEG Audio Layer 3 – 64k)
(MPEG Audio Layer 3 – 128k)