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Eric Lyrically Speaking “The Friend…”

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Eric breaks down some of the inspiration and meaning behind the songs on his steam gathering The Friend Is This Animal LP over at excellent site Indie Rock Reviews. These kinds of pieces can often be a bit boring and predictable (ie VH1 storytellers) but Eric manages to tie his world travels, academic and intellectual perspectives and unassuming musical and personal stories into something interesting, erudite and never trite. Of track “There’s So Much” he says “One night, I was walking home through Nezu, my neighborhood in Tokyo, and it suddenly struck me that there was some kind of odd, almost rhythmic logic to the world, and that it could be seen in the layout of the streets of that grand city, Tokyo. Not just the street grid, but the geometry of the streets, little square houses and tiny, plant-lined walkways of Nezu, as well as the topology between specific points that I knew and loved in the city: the public bathhouse, the big stone staircase in Ueno Koen, a gyoza shop in Ueno Station, the pond in Yoyogi Koen, the little French bistro down the street from Grapefruit Moon, the hilly street in Kamakura where Jack and Chie live, a karaoke booth near Omote Sando where Kenzo and I sang Beatles songs, the laundry mat, the zoo, and the smell of tatami mats in the bedroom. All of this served as the germ of a song, and eventually connected with the snowy streets of Highland Park, New Jersey…”. Read the rest here.

Redneck Vampires

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Here’s the lyrics for Illus Ocean’s track “Redneck Vampires on LSD” from his forthcoming debut.  If this doesn’t whet your appetite I don’t know what could.

Redneck Vampires on LSD

I been lost in Atlantis
I been caught in Kathmandu
I’ve been drunk and stoned at Stonehenge
hell I’ve been the king of Xanadu
well I’ve been all around this world
I’ve been inside out and through
but I ain’t never met no one
that keeps the like of you

There’s no easy way out
no hope that I can see
I’m stuck with redneck vampires tripping on LSD

I sold the shroud of turin to the queen of Aztlan
I swam out to Skull Island
just to smoke weed with King Kong
reptillian politicians, that steal my mortal soul,
they took me from my horus and they threw me in a hole
well iv’e been out to sirius with some sordid company
but now I’m stuck inside with rednecks trippin on lsd

I was once abducted by the Templar Knights in Spain
I was forced to marry Ishtar out in Loki’s burnin rain
well everyday I wake up I think i’ve seen it all
from pixies, fairies, Gilgamesh and a dog that’s 10 feet tall
so help me understand this plan and show me a guiding light
give me just one hour to rally one last fight.
cause if I make it out alive I’ll go down in history
as the one who killed those red neck vampires trippin on LSD.