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New Tribe returns with a new website, a digital 45 and merch

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Now is not the time to reflect on the intervening years since The New Tribe were last active. Now is the time to celebrate a new chapter and new creations. Eric Sarmiento and I┬áreunited with Christopher Gomez (keys and vocals), Dean Avants (bass, guitar and vocals) over the winter and set up camp in Oklahoma City’s renowned Blue Door venue and recorded 14 songs that explore┬áthe space between the notes, between people and between the inner and outer worlds. The New Tribe was/is in some ways the template for what we attempted to do with the Alchemist collective. It is a group of collaborators that come together in the like minded pursuit of higher ground.

You can check out the new “Who Knows?/Home Sweet Oklahoma” single, and all the new New Tribe goings on here at New Tribe Sounds.