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Full Stream “Five Million Years”

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Here’s a full album stream of FAVORS bod-E rockin sci-fi synth LP out next week.

this ideal mediterranean (two)

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

a strange and inexplicable si(gh)te: a building in central Rome, literally sliced all the way through at a diagonal.

Introducing FAVORS

Monday, September 12th, 2011

On Oct. 4th we’ll be digitally releasing the debut LP Five Million Years from Sacramento based band FAVORS. Born out of the ashes of a couple of bands, FAVORS is the Dance ready synth workouts of David Mohr. Electronic music has long been dominated by visions of robotic digitized dystopias. FAVORS hangs out in warmer more open ended visions of the future (or is it the past?) that read more like a Sci-Fi Noir adventure than an apocalyptic downer. When asked about the title David has said “it comes from my desire to create a larger time frame and a more expansive imaginary space for the listener to step into”, step being the operative word here as this album is a wall to wall rhythmic ride that brings in elements of House, Electro, Hip Hop and Synth Pop with nary a dull moment. Dance inspired Indie Pop is nothing new or notable, it’s become so ubiquitous that it can be quite rote and predictable but it’s the level of game that is brought to the offering here that makes it a standout and breathes new life into the scene. From synth/beat driven jammers like “D.D.D”, “Never Fun” and “The ATM” to the future primitive funk of “Cave Wall”, almost every track on this could be a single.   This album suggests a bright future in store for David Mohr and  FAVORS and the visions of the future in Five Million Years make it seem like we’ll have a hell of a party even if everything goes to hell.

1. The ATM
2. Robert
3. Cave Wall
4. D.D.D.
5. Starship
6.View Masker
7. Connector
8. Never Fun
9. Inventor Club
10. Courage Control
11. 41818


Eric Sarmiento Interview pt.2

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Here’s the second part of my recent interview with Eric in which we delve deeper into his recording and songwriting process, recent European travels and his research into alternative food systems and collectives.

I and I: How do you generally start a new song? Is it an intellectual process of thinking what you’d like to do or is more jamming and experimenting to get ideas and then embellishing and refining those? Did you try any new songwriting techniques or processes on this one?
Eric: i guess i don’t have seem to start a song the same way twice, really, but generally i seem to start with a germ of an idea, which i’ll record on keyboard or guitar, and start messing around with. i think most of the tracks on ‘the friend’ were pretty well fleshed out musically before i added vocals. in most cases, once voices are added, i tend to go back and change certain aspects of the music, usually carving out more space and minimizing parts. things that sound good when there aren’t vocals on a track seem to compete with voices once they’re added. a couple of the tracks on this album — ‘strange power’ and ‘we waited for nothing’, i remember writing on piano and wurlitzer. as for lyric-writing, like i said before, much of the lyrics just kind of came to me at various times, in contrast to the way i’ve often written in the past, which was often about writing a ton of stuff and then paring down to essential lines or something.

I and I: Can you say anything about the title ‘The Friend Is This Animal’?
Eric: the title, ‘the friend is this animal’ is a direct nod to the amazing philosopher elizabeth grosz. i took a class with her on feminism and the animal, which basically looked at how western philosophers have understood the animal, how those understandings have been and are enmeshed with how we see the human. more than that, the class attempted to look at and think animals as not just something we ‘project’ our human notions onto, or a kind of ‘outside’ or opposite to ‘society’ or ‘culture’ and such, but as beings with their own worlds, cultures, creativity, and so on. in her great book ‘chaos, territory, art’, liz grosz argues that what we tend to think of as ‘nature,’ a thing we generally oppose to our supposedly more elevated human ‘culture’, is actually the basis from which all art and culture emerges. getting back to my album, i was really moved, while working on this record, by nietzsche’s way of talking about animals and the human animal, especially the relationship between zarathustra and ‘his animals,’ who restore zarathustra to health when he enters his convalescent periods…these animals, an eagle and a snake, tell him that to get over his nausea caused by the wretched ways that humans often treat each other he should learn from animals, especially songbirds, who sing and dance and affirm life to the fullest extent. it’s hard to do justice to these concepts in this short interview, but i found these ways of thinking about the animal to be quite helpful in my own life, for a number of reasons related to the deep changes and rich experiences of my recent years that i talked about earlier.


‘Win Win’ out today!

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

One In A Googolplex’s radical badical new LP Win Win is out today. Stream and purchase a copy here. We also have a new free track for you to get into. It’s called You Were A Mess When You Were Seventeen, which can probably be said of most. It hangs in a similar indie dance mode as Lilly, with house organs and beats but it has a few tricks up it’s sleeve. Check it out:

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There’s also a free booklet of photos and liner notes here.

Win Win full album stream

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Win Win limited cds

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

One In A Googolplex’s resplendent new LP Win Win is now up for pre order. Officially out next Tues.