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this ideal mediterranean (one)

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

the first of a series of photos from summer travels…this is one of the wall paintings by the brilliant street artist Escif, based in Valencia, where this was taken.

Strange Power video premiere

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Though Eric’s outstanding track Strange Power isn’t exactly hot off the press, this cool new video is. Eric says “What attracts us, and how do these varied forces transform us and the world we create? Shot and produced for the Alchemist Records Collective by Monica Barra and Eric Sarmiento in Valencia, Spain and Siracusa, Sicily.”

Eric Sarmiento Interview Pt. 1

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

It’s kind of funny that Eric and I are always talking about music and things but we don’t often get to step out side of our normal context and ask questions from a more objective viewpoint. So with that in mind I’ve been conducting an interview with Eric regarding his new record The Friend Is This Animal and tangentially related subjects. It’s an interesting way to get some perspective on his thoughts and experiences behind the music. So without further ado:

I and I: A lot has happened since 2008’s The Declaration of Interdependence. How have you changed and how did that effect the process and finished result of the new album The Friend Is This Animal?
Eric: yeah, it has been a very full several years since ‘the declaration’ came out. for one, i’ve been immersed in graduate school since 2008, and much of the stuff i’ve been reading and working with there — social theory, post-postmodernism, theories of space, the body and affect — has fed into the ways that i think about and write music. more personally, i experienced some major changes in regard to ‘relationships,’ health, and family stuff. finally, i haven’t been playing live much the past couple of years, focusing more on recording and writing. taken together, all of this stuff comes through on the new album in various ways, i think. lyrically, this record is a lot more ‘personal,’ i guess you could say. it deals with both the difficult parts of recent changes in my life and the ways i think i’ve changed for the better as a result of dealing with those challenges. musically, in some ways the album is more focused than the last one…there’s still a fair amount of variety in terms of style, but to me there’s a lot of elements or motifs that tie the songs together sonically and production-wise. one of the challenges of recording in one’s own studio, for me at least, is the never-ending list of possibilities in terms of sound and instrumentation. but with this album, although i did spend a lot of time messing around with ideas and sounds, it seemed to kind of dictate a fairly limited set of parameters. especially as the album developed…by the end it got to the point where i was waking up in the middle of the night knowing how to finish a song, and just getting up and doing it.


Silent Portraits ‘I’ve Almost Lost My Mind’ (Porcelain Raft Cover)

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

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The Friend Is This Animal out today!!

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Yup today is the day friends that Eric’s awesome new album ‘The Friend Is This Animal’ hits digital and physical shelves. The limited c40 tape is 7$ and the cd 10$ order up here. In honor of the release we have a new free track for you to peep. It’s called ‘These Little Winters’ although it feels rather Summery. We’ve got lot’s more stuff including some videos, an interview and more tracks coming from this one so stay tuned.

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I and I ‘Ghosts of Bush’ free periodical album

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

I and I is putting out a free and informal ‘periodical’ album called Ghosts of Bush. It will apparently be added to over time track by track and it consists of I and I’s experiments, oddities and outtakes. The first installment is a mellow, dubby instrumental kinda thing called Orgasm In The Ghosts Of Bush. Listen, download and check I and I’s site for more additions.

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One In A Googolplex live acoustic vid

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Here’s a nice sneak peek of what to expect from One In A Googolplex’s new band line up and first live show. Filmed on the banks of the Rhine, the boys play new mellow fellow I Share My Fire With You. Directed and Produced by Arne Fleckenstein.

Shea Stadiums and Shrines w/ BAnanas Symphony

Friday, August 5th, 2011

This slipped by but looks like it would have been fun!

One In A Googolplex goes live!

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Yes folks it’s true, our pop maestro from Cologne, Sebastian Zimmer and his new full band version of One In A Googolplex are playing their first ever live show on August 20th. The new band line up consists of Jan-Hendrik Heuer (drums), Manfred Rump (guitar) and Fabian Schick (bass) which opens up some exciting possibilities for bringing OIAG’s stellar and quite pleasingly full arrangements to the stage. The gig is part of a summer festival in Cologne. No exact start time yet but OIAG is supposed to play sometime in the afternoon. More info can be found here.
Here’s a photo of the new band and the gig poster.