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Robot Saves City

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

My friend James Nghiem is a talented and funny guy who has recently started a comedy based imprint called Robot Saves City. He’s gathered together some talented people and his label is something to really get behind! In a way it seems to be somewhat of a comedy based cousin of our Alchemist Records collective in that it’s an artist (in this case comedian) based affair and it’s looking to do things in new ways. Visit their site, buy their stuff and spread the word. The world situation seems to be getting ever more serious and dire couldn’t we all use a laugh?
Their next release is from Leah Kayajanian who has been called “OKC’s Funniest Comedian” and also happens to be my neighbor. James has put together a promo video for the release that just so happens to sample some I and I jam’s. Check it here:

Introducing Local Winds

Monday, October 25th, 2010

from Wikipedia:
“Wind is the flow of gases on a large scale. On Earth, wind consists of the bulk movement of air. In outer space, solar wind is the movement of gases or charged particles from the sun through space, while planetary wind is the outgassing of light chemical elements from a planet’s atmosphere into space. In human civilization, wind has inspired mythology, influenced the events of history, expanded the range of transport and warfare, and provided a power source for mechanical work, electricity, and recreation. Wind has powered the voyages of sailing ships across Earth’s oceans. Hot air balloons use the wind to take short trips, and powered flight uses it to increase lift and reduce fuel consumption.”
You may be asking yourself why do I bore you with this Wikipedia definition of the unseen but powerful force of the wind? The answer is because the newest addition to the Alchemist Collective is spaced out ambient artist Local Winds and the above description of wind does a pretty good job of summing up some of what his sound is like.
As the side project of one Scott Dickson (who is also getting some props for his more synth chill pop work as Closed Cassette) Local Winds explores instrumental mood music that is somewhat reminiscent of the best of 90’s ambient stuff like Global Communication and Aphex Twin but brings this sound into the modern post Chillwave world. He also brings the whole concept of Ambient music into a new and fitting framework of the short form of Pop music. In an age when attention spans are shrinking as things vying for attention are exploding Ambient music that can take you deeply into another space and time but bring you back in less than three or four minutes is quite appropriate. It also speaks to the fact that tastes have changed and that a short bit of chilled out backward synths or some slowed down arpeggios can be just thing to soothe the mp3 bombarded mind.
The blog unholy rhythms is already hip to it and wrote this “Local Winds provided the soundtrack for the end of the world. As we bicycled across the street, sharing headphones, the thumping sounds filled our ears. They reminded me of the waves we used to listen to – how we would observe them frolicking from the distance. I could get lost in this soft noise.”
Scott’s first release with us will be an EP that should be out sometime in the early months of 2011. We’ll be bringing you more details on that as it approaches. For now you can get a preview of his sound at his myspace page.

The Dropout Cats on Indie Rock Cafe’s best new releases!

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Indie Rock Cafe is featuring The Dropout Cats along with Liars, A Sunny Day In Gasglow and others, as it’s best new releases of the week! They describe stand out track ‘Monolith‘ thusly “The song is dreamy, melodic, accented perfectly by soft, harmonic vocals and a piano – a nice mellow surprise from Germany.”

Who Is One In A Googolplex?

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Tomorrow One In A Googolplex’s ‘The Dropout Cats‘ will be officially out on numbered ltd. cd, cassette and digitally. To celebrate we’re giving away one of the album’s stand out tracks ‘Monolith’ for free (see link at the bottom of this post). For any one left wondering who is One In A Googolplex and why should I care, here is an updated biography of the man and music behind the name:

One In A Googolplex, the music project of German artist Sebastian Zimmer, is named after a line from “Back to the Future III.” His music transgresses boundaries between genres with gleeful abandon, calling on bleeps, whirs, and Contra laser blasts to adorn furiously strummed acoustic guitars, or tribal drums to drive along Latin-tinged organs and bubbly synths.
“The Dropout Cats” is the new record from OIAG, released in October 2010 on CD, cassette, and MP3. This latest batch of sonic treasures from OIAG finds Sebastian reaching deeper into affective space, capturing and intertwining complex emotional textures in ways that come out as forward-looking pop music, in the best sense of the term. Sebastian’s voice, and the songs themselves are weightier here, more urgent and maybe darker at times than some of OIAG’s previous work, but this deepening ends up adding force to the perennial life-affirming heart of Sebastian’s music. Best to let some beautiful lines from stand-out track ‘Monolith’ illustrate the point:
your head is low, although you starve you still say no
you’re stuck inside this feeling, try to let it go
your bones ached for all those years
mine too, that is why i know this overwhelming force
that you cannot let go

Still, Sebastian asks, “Why are we so sure that this is what it seems to be, with all these ‘I’ve told you so’s’ and all these ‘I’ve got to go’s,’ when chemicals connect with all their great symmetry?” It’s his commitment to exploring the resonance of this great symmetry that makes listening to OIAG such a bracing experience, helping us lucky listeners to vibrate higher.
After a short intermezzo as a singer in a teenage band, and after extrapolating the properties of good audio from old Beach Boys cassettes, Coldplay records, and Nick Drake’s singing, OIAG started writing on a ukulele and a very cheap guitar. Two years of recording, experimenting, looking into space with a telescope, singing and mixing later, “The Proclaimer” was born. This splendid debut includes the opener “Every Star Is A Thought,” a sublime, modern hymn about the influence of our beautiful celestial sphere on us.
Driven by an altruistic motive to bring joy into peoples’ lives, OIAG went quickly back to work on another record, 2009’s “Hands,” a release that is nothing less than an ode to life itself. With all its ups and downs, “Hands” invokes with every track the miracle of life, reminding you to celebrate your existence. Thus it tells us in a sophisticated way that optimism is cool again.
OIAG is constantly trying to compose his songs as universally as possible in order to be able to enjoy the music even some thousand years from now or on a different planet, where there is no money, no television and no heartache anymore. That is why the lyrics are mostly cosmic and timeless and often of a philosophical nature. The sounds of OIAG records suggests that the first music ever played was the attempt to echo the sonic patters of nature, piercing holes in bones to make a flute. It is cool but lovely at the same time. It is forward-looking but warm.
OIAG’s songs are aurorae for your ears.

Listen to ‘Monolith’ here with download link below:

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visit One in a Googolplex’s myspace page

OIAG on NeoNoir Hype

Friday, October 15th, 2010

It’s growing increasingly hard to sort out all the new stuff coming out but Australian blog Neo-Noir does a good job of making it easier with it’s well curated and designed Hype series. The latest installment includes two tracks from The Dropout Cats and it’s nice looking too!

The Dropout Cats Tape

Friday, October 15th, 2010

We’re just a couple of days away from the release of One In A Googolplex’s cosmic materpiece ‘The Dropout Cats’ and now we’ve got some photos of the tapes for you. Like the ‘Weddings’ tape their are different variations on the colors and packaging of these and the dubbing was done by National Audio Co. on hi-bias tapes. Order one here.

Weddings Tapes Are Here!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

After a small delay, the Atlantic At Pacific ‘Weddings’ tapes are here! They look and sound pretty great if we do say so. There’s four variations in the covers, six different variations in the labels and two different tape colors. The dubbing was done by National Audio Co.(highly recommended) on hi-bias tapes so the sound is awesome. Weddings is really well suited to the analog sweetness of tape! Order yours for 8$ here. Here’s some photos:

What Is Your Name

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

One In A Googolplex on Ashtapes

Hardest Part Mini CD

Monday, October 11th, 2010

We’ve got The Hardest Part maxi single on mini CD up for pre-order for 8$. It’s a nice looking little thing in a hand made ltd. numbered gate-fold sleeve. Here’s some photos to wet your appetite:

Free Dropout Cats Booklet

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

One In A Googolplex has put together a great little Dropout Cats e-booklet full of lyrics, artwork and symbology. Download it here :
Dropout Cats booklet

Here’s a sample: