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Meskin out of the attic

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Tomorrow’s the day when Illus Ocean’s debut will hit the digital shelves and we’ll also have a limited edition CD for sale direct from us.  The links should be up some time tomorrow and you can stream the whole album here.  It’s definitely something you don’t want to miss. 


Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Here’s one more Illus Ocean track before Tuesday’s release.  This one you won’t find on any blogs (not yet at least) and it’s called “Eternal”.  In the album liner notes Illus Ocean himself had this to say about the track: “inspired by a robert heinlein story called ” all you zombies” it’s about a time loop where a transgender impregnates it’s self and then the child is also a hermaphrodite who grows up as a woman and then gets pregnant by a stranger and the whole thing just keeps looping. or something like that.” All that in under a minute and a half.

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Ground Zero

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Some tracks from Illus Ocean’s debut are starting to trickle out on the Interwebs so we thought we’d put them up here.  The first is the plaintive and soulful “Ground Zero” which showcases Ocean’s ability to craft something quite singular and fresh while nodding to the past.

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Redneck Vampires

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Here’s the lyrics for Illus Ocean’s track “Redneck Vampires on LSD” from his forthcoming debut.  If this doesn’t whet your appetite I don’t know what could.

Redneck Vampires on LSD

I been lost in Atlantis
I been caught in Kathmandu
I’ve been drunk and stoned at Stonehenge
hell I’ve been the king of Xanadu
well I’ve been all around this world
I’ve been inside out and through
but I ain’t never met no one
that keeps the like of you

There’s no easy way out
no hope that I can see
I’m stuck with redneck vampires tripping on LSD

I sold the shroud of turin to the queen of Aztlan
I swam out to Skull Island
just to smoke weed with King Kong
reptillian politicians, that steal my mortal soul,
they took me from my horus and they threw me in a hole
well iv’e been out to sirius with some sordid company
but now I’m stuck inside with rednecks trippin on lsd

I was once abducted by the Templar Knights in Spain
I was forced to marry Ishtar out in Loki’s burnin rain
well everyday I wake up I think i’ve seen it all
from pixies, fairies, Gilgamesh and a dog that’s 10 feet tall
so help me understand this plan and show me a guiding light
give me just one hour to rally one last fight.
cause if I make it out alive I’ll go down in history
as the one who killed those red neck vampires trippin on LSD.

White Noise/Black Music remixes EP out 4/13

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of an EP of remixes from I and I’s “White Noise/Black Music”.  It will be appropriately called “Black Noise/White Music” and four artists have contributed remixes.  Czech native Dikolson (formerly of Khoiba) produced a hard driving version of “Venus” that ascends like a spiral staircase to the sky.  LA producer Questions has turned out a really thumpin version of “The Top” that’s somewhere in between House and Hip Hop.  Fellow Alchemist, Eric Sarmiento deconstructed “The Bottom” and reassembled it into something new and Chase Spivey (of Psychedelic band Ghost of Monkshood) has turned “The Futurist” into a laid back minimal chill groove.  Look for some samples soon and here’s the cover:

Behind the curtain

Monday, March 15th, 2010

We told you he was tough.

Introducing…..Illus Ocean

Friday, March 5th, 2010

On March 30th we will be releasing the debut album “Meskin in the Attic” by the mysterious man who records under the name Illus Ocean.  Pulled from a “greatest hits” of a number of his unreleased albums ranging from a Country tinged album about Redneck Vampires on LSD to the psychedelic pop of of a stint with Dallas/Ft. Worth band Washing Machine, this album is a major trip!  Lovers of lo-fi garage pop will really dig it but it contains a little something for everyone.  Imagine David Bowie, Roger Waters and The Cure collaborating with The Beatles (ca. Magical Mystery Tour) and you might start to get an idea of what to expect.  It doesn’t take itself to seriously and is humorous at times but also contains deep emotion, darkness and depth.  The man behind Illus Ocean is somewhat elusive but we will endeavor to give you more details soon.