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New e-single and video from Eric Sarmiento available

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

After working for four years on his 2008/2009 full-length ‘the declaration of interdependence’ Eric had more than a few ideas for new songs stored up. “At some point in the album making process, I kind of decided I had written everything I was going to write for ‘the declaration’ and from then on I was just tweaking and reworking the original batch of songs for that record” he says. “But during that process of refining the album, tons of new ideas were coming out of the work, as well as the stuff that was going on in my life. I didn’t have time to flesh out the ideas, but most of them I got down in a kind of rough draft, demo form.” As soon as the final mixing and mastering work was done on ‘the declaration’, Eric started work on exploring the cache of demos he had built up, some of which turned into the two songs on the new internet-only single ‘Alejandra Told Me/Hypnosis’.

Both of the new songs were influenced by the energetic grit, beauty, and earthy grandeur of Valencia, Spain where they were written. “I loved walking around the labyrinth of tiny streets winding through stone buildings, listening to headphones or the crowds of people hanging out late at night,” Eric tells us. “One night I went to a party that, while not unusually cool or exciting -just full of nice and interesting people talking and listening to good music- somehow became the site of some heavy revelations for me. I went home and wrote ‘Alejandra’ that night.”

The ‘b-side’ of the single, ‘Hypnosis’ is a quieter affair, delving into spaces of memory, by way of a hazy wash of reverb-laden voices, guitars, harmonium and synths. When pressed for comment on this one, Eric told the following anecdote: “I had breakfast with some friends a while back, and one couple there had just come from somewhere in Arizona, where they entered some kind of nexus of energy, I think they called it a “vortex” which happened to be occupied by a sauna. The interesting thing is that they couldn’t just go straight to the vortex by going to the sauna, but instead had to walk through a series of spaces in the desert and nearby towns and then go to the sauna before arriving at the vortex.”

…. Whatever that may mean, we’re glad to say that the creative flows set in motion during the finishing stages of ‘the declaration….’ are reportedly still going strong, and Eric plans to release several more e-singles over the coming months. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, the new release can be checked out here, where you’ll also find links to itunes, emusic, and other online retail sites where you can buy the tracks. To see Jeffrey Palmer’s brilliant video for ‘Alejandra Told Me’

Finally, speaking of ‘the declaration…’, you can now purchase downloads of the whole album at a plethora of online retail sites as well. To do so, click here where the record can be listened to for free, and cd copies can be ordered directely from us.